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Capital Water Systems

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Monitoring

Capital Water Systems

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Monitoring

CWSL carry a range of equipment that will suit any CSO monitoring situation. These include our range of telemetry CSO loggers that can be integrated into an existing telemetry network or form part of a browser based system.

CSO Assessment Survey

As not all CSO’s are of standard construction, Capital Water Systems carry out CSO Assessment Surveys to ascertain details about specific locations.

This entails an on-site survey by our experienced crews to survey each CSO and report on each of them.

The report includes:

  • Current arrangement
  • Photographs
  • Internal pipe dimensions
  • Spill levels within the chamber
  • General condition of the overflow weir/pipework

Suitability of each location for monitoring purposes and recommendations for monitoring. 

CSO Monitoring Equipment Supply & Install 

Capital Water Systems supply and install GSM/3G based data logging equipment for monitoring CSO level.

Data is available online or sent directly to a central telemetry system. Generally the main flow level is monitored and alarms generated based on the “spill level” in the CSO.

This allows key personnel to be alerted before there is a spill and possibly avoid environmental pollution.

There are two levels of available equipment. Requirements and actual site conditions will dictate the final solution adapted.

As a first step we would recommend Level Only Monitoring with future upgrade to Flow Monitoring as required or deemed necessary.

  • Level only monitoring – This gives information on spill frequency and duration.
  • Flow Monitoring – This gives additional information on volumes being discharged.


Data Only System 

We can supply a “data only” system that will give the exactly the same level of service/data as the supply model without the need for capital investment.

Each location would have a monthly subscription for data access and our data centre continually monitors equipment to ensure that good quality, reliable information is available to our clients 24/7 

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