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Capital Water Systems

Flow Load & Rainfall Survey

Cork Lower Harbour

Main Drainage Scheme Flow Load & Rainfall Survey

Project Background

The project included the installation and maintenance of 12 Sewer Flow and Load sites, over 40 additional Sewer Flow sites and 12 Raingauge sites in 4 separate catchments in the Cork.

The project involved twice weekly maintenance of all equipment over a period of 6 weeks with 14 days continuous 24 hour composite sampling at the 12 load locations.

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Project Requirements & Tasks


Project supervisor construction stage


Conduct site specific risk assessments


Development of a site safety & traffic management Plans


Selection of suitable monitoring locations


Installation of equipment


Site inspections on a bi-weekly basis


Attend site meetings & arrange to meet contacts & subcontractors


Supervision of subcontractors


Liaise with client


Repositioning & adding meters as required


Interim and final reporting


Office support as required

Solutions Delivered To Client

  • Consistent accurate data capture at monitoring locations
  • Supplied & maintained all monitoring equipment as required for duration of the contract
  • Additional monitoring as requested
  • Completion of 14 days continuous sampling at 12 sites with consistent flow data over the period for each of the sites
  • Successful completion of on-site work with no impact on client activities
  • Continued office support following contract completion
  • Consistent information on flow rates and loadings in the various lower harbour catchments
  • Information on infiltration and impact of surface water in the catchments
  • Highlighting where improvements to the certain areas of the network would have a significant benefit to the overall system
  • Identification of losses through CSOs
    Verification of tidal influence in certain catchment areas
Main Drainage Scheme Flow Load & Rainfall Survey

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