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Aquacell Portable Wastewater Sampler

The Aquacell Portable Wastewater Sampler range is made up of 3 models ranging from super small P2-COMPACT composite unit to the highly versatile, multi bottle P2-MULTIFORM.

All Aquamatic Wastewater Samplers are compliant with the UK Environment Agency MCERTS Standard for Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment.



Aquacell P2-COMPACT

When super-compactness combined with uncompromised sampling performance is required, the Aquacell P2-COMPACT is the perfect solution…

Aquacell P2-COOLBOX

Incorporated within the P2-COOLBOX is a high performance passive Sample Temperature Control facility. This ensures that the collected…


The most versatile member of the Aquacell P2 Portable family The Aquacell P2-MULTIFORM can accommodate a choice of 4 Sample Collection…



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