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AgriFlo XCi


  • Multiple cards for multiple sensor applications
  • Cost effective flow metering
  • Ready-to-go straight out of the box
  • Remotely access data with MACE WebComm and HydroVu Data Services
  • Easily configure with MACE FloCom+ Software
  • True average velocity measurement with MASP technology
  • Easy installation into existing pipework


  • Ruggedized, weatherproof enclosure
  • Data logger
  • LCD display
  • Battery
  • Solar panel/regulator
  • Required cards
  • Velocity/level sensors




The AgriFlo XCi can be used to monitor vital farm equipment and on-farm sensors. Use the versatility of AgriFlo XCi to monitor inputs as diverse as: irrigation flows; farm wastewater flows; water quality; dam levels; soil moisture; pump and engine management systems.

View the full product specifications brochure here.


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