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Sewer Flow & Rainfall Surveys
With an extensive range of Flow Monitoring and Data Logging equipment, we can provide short term, long term and permanent sewer flow surveys throughout Ireland and abroad. We liaise with each client to provide the best possible data to assist in Sewer Capacity Studies, Sewer Inflow and Infiltration Studies and other applications where flow data is required.
Flow & Load Surveys
We provide the equipment and service to clients who have a requirement to provide data on loadings to Treatment systems. All sampling, storage and transport is carried out to current best practice to ensure that samples arrive at the Laboratory in optimum condition for analysis.
Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Monitoring
CWSL carry a range of equipment that will suit any CSO monitoring situation. These include our range of telemetry CSO loggers that can be integrated into an existing telemetry network or form part of a browser based system.
Pump Station Surveys
We carry out Pump Station audits and surveys including pump run-time and wet well depth monitoring to suit individual surveys or site requirements.
Hydrometrics (Stream & River Flow Monitoring)
Capital Water Systems Ltd undertake Surveys including Stage Discharge of River, Stream and Canal Systems. We employ the latest ADCP Technology and Hydrometric techniques. We design, install and maintain Hydrometric Monitoring Stations including Sensors, Dataloggers and Outstations. The range of parameters include Level, Flow, Rainfall and Water Quality Monitoring Systems.
Web-based Data Management
CWSL operate telemetry networks through secure browser based systems. Clients pay an annual subscription rather than investing in costly software. These systems can be tailored for each application from small alarming networks that inform maintenance staff of a particular issue (e.g. CSO spill, blocked trash screen) or a more database function, where it is possible to perform in-depth analysis of time-series data. It may be possible to integrate existing hardware into an online network without the need for costly hardware procurement, contact CWSL today to discuss your specific requirements.
Environmental Monitoring
CWSL utilise the latest in environmental monitoring sensors from water quality instrumentation to weather stations. We will design, install and maintain Environmental Data Monitoring Outstations to include parameters such as Flow, Level, Rainfall and Status Monitoring Sensors with Data Collection Services to suit individual client requirements. If you have any specific requirements or queries, please contact us.
Sensors and Datalogging Systems
Capital Water Systems Ltd design, install and maintain Environmental Data Monitoring Outstations to include parameters such as Flow, Level, Rainfall, and Status Monitoring Sensors and Data Collection Services.
Discharge Licence Monitoring
Capital Water Systems Ltd design, install and maintain Telemetry Outstations for Monitoring and Reporting on the status of Trade Effluent Discharge to public sewer and watercourses.