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Products & Suppliers

Capital Water Systems Ltd supply a range of Water Industry products from various specialist manufacturers to give the best possible service to our Clients. We have worked closely with our suppliers over many years and staff are trained in operation and servicing of all equipment.


Detectronic Ltd

Capital Water Systems Ltd are partnered with Detectronic Ltd who produce a range of meters and telemetry systems for use in the wastewater industry. For more information on Detectronic products, please click here.


Hydro-Logic Isodaq Ltd

Capital Water Systems Ltd works closely with Hydro-Logic Isodaq Ltd on a variety of projects. Hydro-Logic Isodaq Ltd specialise in the development and supply of monitoring systems for the water and environmental protection industries. For more information on Hydrologic products, please click here.

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Civica Instructure Inc. / Urban Water Engineering

Capital Water Systems Ltd are working closely with Civica Infrastructure Inc. & Urban Water Engineering on potential data capture projects. Datacurrent is a Civica Infrastructure Inc. Web-based data management and analysis system developed to collect, analyse and provide water resources data to clients. For more information on Civica Infrastructure Inc. / Urban Water Engineering products, please click here.


Environmental Measurements Ltd

Experts in Hydro-Met instrumentation and services. For more information on Environmental Measurements Ltd, please click here.


Aquamatic Samplers

Aquamatic is a leading manufacturer of high quality Automatic Sampling Equipment. For more information on Aquamatic Samplers, please click here.



SGM-Lektra manufacture a range of specialised flumes for Flow Monitoring in open pipes and channels. For more information on SGM-Lektra, please click here.